Vacant Land Inventory

An inventory or “list” of vacant land is not available.

Residents of owner-occupied homes can request vacant lots that share a 75% or more common boundary with their own property.

If a lot already is in the Land Bank’s inventory, transfer to eligible applicants may be possible within four months. If a lot is not already in the Land Bank’s inventory, a successful property tax foreclosure action is required – which takes between 9 and 12 months in court – before we are able to transfer the lot to eligible applicants.

Eligible applicants must be current on property taxes owed to Mahoning County; must be in compliance with all local housing and property codes on properties they own in the county; and must not have been the defendant in a proeprty tax foreclosure action.

To request a side lot or inquire about eligibility requirements, please call Gary Davenport at (330) 259-1040, and select option 1.