Side Lot Program

NOTICE: As of Feb. 6, the Land Bank is unable to accept new applications for the Side Lot Program. For questions regarding the acquisition of vacant property or to be added to our waiting list, contact Gary Davenport at (330) 259-1040 and select option 1. We expect to resume accepting Side Lot applications before the end of 2017.


Residents of owner-occupied homes can purchase vacant lots that share a 75% or more common boundary with their own property from the Mahoning County Land Bank’s side lot inventory. Non-adjacent owners and renters can lease vacant lots under certain circumstances.

To purchase an available vacant side lot, complete and return a Side Lot Application Form with the appropriate fee ($20 per form). Once applications are approved – currently a 45- to 75-day process – the Land Bank will contact the applicant to reach a mutually agreeable price.

Most vacant lots that are not in the Land Bank’s inventory either need to be purchased from the current owner or require a 9-to-12-month property tax foreclosure action before the Land Bank can sell them.

Owner occupants interested in acquiring vacant lots that need a property tax foreclosure can call the Land Bank at (330) 259-1040 to learn more about the program.